Is My Garage Door Opener Mostly Dead?

Nothing is worse in the morning than when you’re running late for work; you get into your car, hit the button for your garage door opener, and nothing happens. Then you have to get out of your vehicle, take a big swig of coffee, and manually open the garage door before getting stuck in traffic on the Bypass. Then you spill your coffee trying to close it after you get your car out, and your morning starts off messy before you set foot in the office. 

We can take for granted just how much of a lifesaver your garage door opener can be when you’re rushing. A fully functioning garage door opener helps simplify your morning commute and gets you on the road faster without worrying about manually opening and closing your door. 

So when your opener starts to malfunction, you have to decide its fate — do you get it repaired? Or is it too far gone, and you need a brand new one? Before you make a rash decision, here are some telltale signs that you need a garage door opener replacement

But First — Check the Door 

In our rush to blame technology for everything wrong in our lives, people can miss the obvious answer to why your garage door won’t open — because the door itself is broken. If your door has suffered significant impact damage, has warped, or was installed improperly, it could mean that the opener isn’t the reason it won’t open. 

Carefully inspect the door for signs of damage and manually open it. Check to see if the door can hold itself in position or if the springs aren’t as tight on the way back into the closed position. Either sign means that you need to get the door itself repaired or get the door replaced by the professionals. 

Signs That Your Garage Door Opener Is at Fault

Now that you have ruled out an issue with your garage door, it’s time to give your opener a closer look. Whether you’re looking for your next home improvement project or have thought about getting a new garage door opener remote, every homeowner can keep an eye out for these signs that something is amiss with your opener:

Unusual Loud Noises

When your garage door opener works as intended and you’ve followed a set maintenance routine, it works quietly through the opening and closing of the door. When you begin noticing loud noises — like screeching, squealing, or loud creaking — your unit needs some attention. 

As your opener ages, its chain or belt drives experience constant wear and tear over repeated uses. Over time, these chains lose their tightness and start coming loose, creating unusual sounds. Have a professional come in and replace the tracks on your unit, and it should fix the issue.

It Doesn’t Open as Fast as It Did

Now we’re not talking about the garage door opening fast like the start of the 100m dash. But if you’re waiting longer than usual for your garage door to open and you can feel your blood actually start to boil, it could be time to get your opener looked at. 

In conjunction with the chains becoming out of place over time, the speed at which your garage door opens slows. If you have noticed that your door has gotten significantly slower recently, it might be more than simply showing its age. It can even have a slight hesitation before it starts moving. 

(Not So) Good Vibrations

No, these are not the good vibrations Marky Mark was talking about. As your garage door opener ages, vibrations are bound to happen. Bent shafts, worn-out parts, and more can cause these vibrations that can possibly cause the chains to come loose and cause a garage door detachment, potentially damaging your vehicle or anyone unfortunate enough to be outside the car at the time. 

It Randomly Opens and Closes

If you’re going for a walk around your block and look back longingly at your house, wondering why you left the couch, and start seeing your garage door opening and closing on its own — don’t panic! It’s either a poltergeist or the electronics in your garage door opener acting up. 

As with any electronic device, you want it to operate exactly when you want it to. If your opener doesn’t respond to your remote or only works sporadically, it’s time for a new garage door opener installation.

Usually, this type of issue can trace back to your garage being haunted, and you can call the Travel Channel to appear on Ghost Adventures. Or, more likely, the internal electronics of your unit are faulty, and getting a professional garage door installer out to take a look can help identify the problem. 

Get Your Garage Door Openers Replaced By the Best in South Bend!

Now that you have ruled out ghostly possession as the reason why your garage door opener has started acting up, you can call in the actual professionals that can help. Overhead Door of South Bend-Mishawaka’s experienced garage door opener installers can come to your home, figure out what’s wrong with your unit, and give you the solution you need to have a smooth operating garage door in no time. 

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