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Whatever you need, you’ll find it right here. We have a large selection of strong, reliable commercial doors perfectly constructed for tough, rugged use, day after day.

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Hard-Working. Built to Last.

Protect your productivity. Make sure your high-traffic workflow stays that way with tough-built garage doors crafted for everyday reliability.

Allura® Collection

Extruded aluminum curtain and guides for compact design.

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Therm​acore® Sectional Steel Doors

Filled with polyurethane foam for exceptional insulation.

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Non-Insulated Steel

Ribbed-steel construction for strength and durability.

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Aluminum Glass

A “statement” door for instant curb appeal and maximum natural light.

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Rolling Steel and Coiling Doors

With interlocking metal slats for high security applications.

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Fire Doors

Installed on your building’s firewalls to be dropped in the event of a fire emergency.

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Counter Shutters

A variety of design choices perfect for retail, food service and commercial applications.

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High Speed Doors

Doors that move in feet-per-second, designed for areas where maintaining indoor temperature is paramount.

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Bug Screens and Security Sectional Doors

Provide ventilation and security while controlling pest issues.

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Entry Doors

Maximum strength for a variety of industries and applications.

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Automatic Doors

A wide selection − from ADA compliant to sliding, swinging and more.

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Do I Have the Right Commercial Garage Door Installed?

Business owners have a long list of tasks and responsibilities to ensure their company runs smoothly. In many cases, these items can dominate their to-do list and become the only thing they focus on for the immediate future. Unfortunately, some areas that can tumble down their priority list involve their commercial garage doors and whether they’re the right fit for their needs.  With so many styles of commercial garage doors available, finding the perfect fit for your ongoing needs can feel daunting. However, having a clear understanding of your facility's needs, dimensions, and unique features can help ensure your team has everything in place to be successful. 

What Types of Commercial Garage Doors Are Out There?

Before you can start installing new commercial garage doors in South Bend, IN, you need to know what kind of options you have available. Different doors offer unique advantages and play well in specific situations. Picking the right one means knowing what’s available and in what applications play to their strengths best.  Some of the commercial garage doors that we have in our inventory include the following styles: These different types of commercial doors each have a place within your facilities, but ensuring you have the right ones installed for specific tasks and areas becomes crucial for this investment. Various factors go into it, and having a firm grasp of them can help you make a more informed decision. 


Garage doors come in a wide range of materials, each one having a discernible impact on their overall performance. Each option offers a unique look that can help enhance your facility’s aesthetic. For example, steel doors offer a strong industrial look, while glass doors provide a unique and inviting appearance. 


Keeping your commercial property as efficiently heated and cooled as possible requires a certain degree of insulation to keep your facility comfortable throughout the year. If you have garage doors that don’t have the proper insulation or aren’t designed with your surrounding environment in mind, it could lead to staggering energy bills. Taking the time to examine your options and find the ones with the insulation that meets your needs can significantly impact your monthly bills.

Overall Usage

Every door in and out of your facility will experience various levels of usage over the course of a day. Some doors see a lot of foot and vehicle traffic, while others are used only sparingly. Picking an option that can withstand the unique demands of your space can help ensure you have everything in place to make your operations run more smoothly.  Also, keep in mind that the more often you use the door, the more often you will need to schedule regular garage door repair services in South Bend, IN. Our team will help keep your doors in excellent condition and protect them from excessive wear and tear. 

Security Features

Every commercial business must take certain precautions to protect themselves, their employees, and their inventory from bad actors. Taking the time to protect your facility with commercial garage doors with the right kind of security features can give you peace of mind. Ensure everything from the locks on the door to the software operating your commercial door opener has state-of-the-art security features to help deter any theft and minimize any potential danger. 

Trust Overhead Door of South Bend-Mishawaka With Your Next Commercial Garage Door

When you need to replace existing commercial garage doors or want to install new ones for your new facility, there are numerous factors you need to consider. Figuring out what kind of system makes the most sense for your business and your ongoing needs can help you make an informed decision. The Overhead Door of South Bend-Mishawaka team is here to help you with this decision! We work with our customers to help them make informed decisions and maximize their investments. Contact our team to learn more about our options and determine which is right for you!

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