DIY Garage Door Troubleshooting

Solutions for the Top 3 Garage Door Issues

Sometimes, garage door malfunctions and mechanical issues can be easily fixed without enlisting the help of a professional. Here are a few common problems that can often be resolved without calling the experts. If you have a significant problem or are unsure whether or not an issue is serious, call us today at 1-800-OVERHEAD or request a service. Just Look For The Red Ribbon!

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Often your garage door won't close at the worst possible time, like when you are late for a meeting or the weather is terribly cold. Many causes of a door that won't close can be addressed by the homeowner. Here are a few tips for figuring out the cause of your problem and it's solution:

1. Do your remotes and keypad work? (Also see the conversation below about programming remotes and keypads)

YES - If your remote/keypad work, but your wall console does not, then check the wiring and connections from the wall console to the opener. Look for wires unattached or kinks/breaks in the wiring.
NO - The remotes/keypad don't work. Replace the batteries in the remotes and keypads as a precaution. Also see the discussion below about checking your photo eyes.

2. Are your photo eyes causing the problem? (photo cells, laser, electric eye, safety beam, etc.)

YES - Here are some common ways to determine if your photo eyes are preventing your door from closing:
  • Remotes/keypad don't work, but holding the button on the wall console down constantly does.
  • One of the lights on either of the photo eyes is blinking, or one light is not on, or no lights are on.Perform the following:
    • Check that a broom or shovel or trash can is not accidentally blocking the photo eye.
    • Align the photo eyes so that they are pointed directly at one another. They should be the same height off the ground, perpendicular to the track, and directed across the door opening.
    • Clean both photo eye lenses with a moist paper towel. Often DIRT, COBWEBS, and even SNOW stick to the lenses and prevent the modules from communicating.
    • Occasionally, sunlight from the angle of the sun at certain times of the year will confuse the photo eyes. Often a small piece of cardboard (a "visor") can be taped to the top of the units to block the glare of the sun.
    • Check the wires from the photo eyes to the opener to make sure that they are connected properly. Also check the wiring for any kinks or breaks.
NO - Check the track, hinges, rollers, and opener to make sure that nothing is obviously broken or blocking operation. Has the opener emergency release (red cord) been pulled and needs to be re-engaged?

Almost worse than your garage door not closing is when it won't open, especially when your car is in the garage. A door that won't open OFTEN HAS CAUSES THAT SHOULD ONLY BE ADDRESSED BY A GARAGE DOOR PROFESSIONAL. Here are a few tips for figuring out the cause of your problem and it's solution:

1. Pull the emergency release on your garage door - the red cord hanging down - and lift the door manually. Is the door very difficult to open?

YES - Often a difficult to lift door is caused by a mechanical problem with the door. Please check two things:
  • Make sure that the SLIDE LOCK on the side of the door is not engaged and pushed against the track.
  • The weight of your garage door is actually carried by the SPRINGS above or behind the door, NOT the opener. When you are having problems lifting the door, then so is your operator. The door should go up with minimal effort. Check to see if a spring or cable is broken. If so, CALL OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY IMMEDIATELY AT 1-800-OVERHEAD!! SPRINGS ARE HIGHLY DANGEROUS ITEMS. PLEASE CALL A GARAGE DOOR PROFESSIONAL TO FIX!!
NO - When the door is easily lifted by hand, then there is possibly a problem with the opener itself. Here are some common operator problems:
  • The motor runs, but the door doesn't move, the drive gear could be bad.
  • The motor simply clicks could indicate a bad capacitor or faulty circuit board.
  • No sound or response from the motor could be a tripped circuit breaker or faulty circuit board.

2. Please call the Overhead Door Company TODAY at 1-800-OVERHEAD to fix these more challenging problems.

If your remotes/keypad or Homelink stopped working, and your photo cells are in good order (see My Garage Door Won't Close!!!! above), here are a few remedies to try.

1. Replace the batteries in your garage door openers (remotes/keypads). This should do the trick. If not, perhaps the batteries were dead for so long that the security code in the remote/keypad memory was lost. Similarly a dead car battery might erase your Homelink programming.

2. Reprogram your garage door openers or Homelink. Below are some common reprogramming instructions.

In-Car Programming:

If you are having trouble or your model is not shown here. Please call Overhead Door Company TODAY at 1-800-OVERHEAD. We can help talk you through the instructions or even email you a copy of the manual for your model.

If you have tried these handy garage door/opener troubleshooting tips and are still experiencing problems, you may have a more serious situation such as a faulty circuit board or need to adjust the settings on your opener. Please give us a call and we can help with your garage door repair or garage door service! Call Overhead Door Company TODAY at 1-800-OVERHEAD!

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