My Garage Door Gets Stuck Halfway — What Is Going On?

Help! My Garage Door Has Fallen and It Can Get Up!

Doesn’t it seem like things go wrong at the worst possible times? Your garage door might work perfectly fine on a bright sunny day, but as soon as it starts to rain, it freezes up like a nervous kid at a talent show! Being stranded out in the rain with an uncooperative garage door doesn’t sound like fun — and it certainly isn’t — but homeowners sometimes run into this awfully common problem. If your garage door has fallen and can’t get up, it’s good to know a few causes and troubleshooting tips to help answer your door’s life alert.

Check Your Photo Eye

Odds are, you use your garage door fairly often, and the last thing homeowners look at is the condition of their photo eye or the sensors that alert the garage door to open and close. Maybe the groceries accidentally bumped into your photo eye and knocked it out of line. Or the kids might have run around and got a bit of dirt on the sensor. 

Either way, check to make sure your photo eye is aligned and dust-free. Your sensors are your garage’s eyes, and if they can’t see each other, your garage is operating in the blind and will likely be stuck halfway open.

Check Your Springs

Most of the time, broken or damaged springs make it tougher to open your garage but won’t always be the cause of a garage door that sticks. Still, homeowners occasionally find that garage door springs that need repair are the cause of their issues. Automatic garage doors use two sets of springs for operation; they can be found either above the door or on the side of the door. For instance, horizontal torsion springs are at the top and bottom, while vertical extension springs are at the sides of the door. Broken springs are very dangerous, so if you sense an issue with yours, call a professional repair service to fix a door that’s stuck. 

Tracks Are Misaligned

A few obstacles might be on your tracks and derailing your garage door. Some hardware tools and childrens toys are common infractions that may block the tracks, but you might also find dirt and debris that make it difficult for your garage to take off from the station. Manually lift the garage door and note when and where your garage door gets jammed. Remove any obstructions so your rail service can continue operating smoothly.

Weather Adjustments

If your garage is difficult to open and you notice a change in weather, you might need to make a few force adjustments. Your garage door opener likely has a force adjustment button to address how much pressure it takes to open. Even though the force may be with you, it’s probably better to reach out to garage door repair services to adjust your opener’s pressure. Even the smallest of adjustments can lead to severe damage if done incorrectly, and professionals know the right settings for your door.

Professional Garage Door Repair Services Are Your Best Friend 

If you’re asking yourself why your garage door is stuck halfway, it’s good to know that garage door professionals specialize in solving your problems. At Overhead Door of South Bend, we know exactly how garage doors work, so you don’t have to sweat if you find that your door is stuck halfway. Reach out today to schedule your garage door repair in Elkhart, Mishawaka, or anywhere around South Bend, IN, and check out our tips for troubleshooting the top three reasons a garage door isn’t working.

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