Why Is My Garage Door Making Weird Noises?

When your garage door operates as smoothly as intended, it quickly becomes a regular part of your day. You grow accustomed to the sounds your unit makes, and it swiftly becomes background noise. However, as the door experiences more wear and tear over time, you may hear more frequent unpleasant noises from your unit during operation. While you may initially think, “while it’s weird, I don’t have to address it right away,” the reality is that those weird noises could signify something more serious just under the surface. 

Before you call the top residential garage door repair company in South Bend, IN, you’ll want a general idea of what’s potentially wrong with your door. So here are some potential underlying causes of why your garage door is making weird noises. 

It’s Time to Replace Your Panels

If you hear loud banging coming from your garage door, it could be a sign that your panels need to be replaced. If they have experienced impacts or collisions or have simply gotten older, it could be a sign that you need to replace your panels. Loose components can potentially lead to more damage to the surrounding pieces if you aren’t careful. 

Your Opener’s Motor Is Getting Older

Your garage door opener has experienced frequent uses over the years, and the constant opening and closing can strain your unit’s internal motor. Over time, you can hear the engine weaken and struggle to get the door to open and close. You can have a garage door repair specialist in South Bend, IN, take a look at your unit and make any necessary repairs or replacements. 

Your Springs Have Lost Their Tension

Rumbling noises often indicate an issue with your door’s springs. Unfortunately, garage door springs operate under tremendous pressure and force, making DIY repairs difficult and ill-advised. If you have found springs that have lost their tension, call a garage door repair specialist to take a look. 

You Should Relubricate Moving Parts

Every garage door has a wide range of moving parts that work together to efficiently open and close your door daily. You will occasionally hear loud and repetitive squeaking noises coming from your unit, and while it may be annoying, it’s not a time to panic. Squeaking usually means that the moving parts have lost most of the lubrication or have come loose. 

Apply lubricant to any loose rollers you find in your system. Tighten any loose parts you see, and that should eliminate any squeaks. 

You Have Issues With the Tracks

Whether your tracks have gotten out of alignment over time, become unbalanced, or bent too tight, you can expect to hear an array of sounds coming from your system. If you hear scraping, rubbing, or grinding noises, you have an issue with your tracks and need the help of professionals to handle the job. 

Trust Overhead Door of South Bend With Garage Door Repairs

When it comes to any odd sounds coming from your garage door, you want to ensure you get the right people for the job to go and repair it. Any delay could lead to a more severe problem arising and causing a world of issues with your system that requires a complete replacement. Overhead Door of South Bend-Mishawaka has helped our clients throughout the area ensure their garage doors are operating at their optimal efficiency. 

No one wants to be left wondering what the causes of the loud noises coming from garage doors are, and we’re here to help solve the mystery and eliminate the sounds. We work with our customers to determine the underlying causes of their problems and ensure their systems are in good working order. Contact us to schedule your next appointment today!

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